Green Cleaning Is Healthy Cleaning

A green workplace has been found to be safer for employees and visitors alike. Also, in many instances, green cleaning processes are better for your facility. For instance, regular cleaning agents tend to be caustic, wearing out surfaces over time and diminishing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. Additionally, some cleaners can agitate those with sensitivities to chemicals. That's why Green Up to Clean Up's customized programs focus on reducing particulates, harmful emissions, and exposure to caustic agents.

Green Up 2 Clean Up only uses sustainable, low-emission green cleaning products.

Green Up 2 Clean Up Program

The Green Up 2 Clean Up Program serves to reduce pollution, save limited resources, and in many cases, qualifies businesses for credits toward valuable Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

The Green Up 2 Clean Up customized program for your business can ensure that your place of business follows the standards of LEED certification, so you can join us in keeping the environment healthy. This includes using green products.

A Green Workplace Is Often Safer

Today, the options available for “cleaning green” are more effective and more abundant than ever before. From new, no-phosphate detergents and scrubs to recycled paper products, it's easier than ever for businesses to improve their overall impact on the environment without compromising their standards.

We work with your team to provide solutions that help ensure superior cleaning and improved indoor air quality within your place of business, benefiting your employees and visitors. Healthy employees are happier and absenteeism often improves.

Green Cleaning Products

Green Up 2 Clean Up Uses Environmentally Friendly Products

Through the use of green, bio-based, non-toxic, and low-VOC emitting cleaners and materials, Green Up 2 Clean Up is committed to keeping your facility clean while reducing environmental pollutants.

Many of our bio-based cleaners are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. They contain no ozone-depleting chemicals and do not appear on any federal list of hazardous chemicals.

Go Green

Green cleaning is environmentally responsible and economically profitable.

Improve Lives

Improve employee productivityImprove employee relations and moraleReduce illness and absenteeismFoster overall workplace wellness.

Improve the Planet

Reduce environmental impactCreate a better future for our childrenConserve, reduce, and reuse our national resources.

Improve Profits

Increase occupancy ratesLower operational costsIncrease asset valueIncrease shareholder valueReduce liability and insurance costsIncrease safety and reduce risk.


We offer customized services to meet your specific needs. Call our Chesterton, Indiana office today for a free no-obligation cleaning quote. You will be glad you called Office Pride.

Who we serve

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Apartment Buildings and Homeowner's Associations
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Corporate Campuses and Single-User Facilities
  • Education – Primary, Middle, Secondary and Higher Ed
  • Food Processing Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Industrial and Warehouses – Turns and Ongoing
  • Medical Centers, Clinics, Offices and Buildings
  • Public Showrooms
  • Public Venue – Sports Facilities, Theaters and Museums
  • Retail and Shopping Mall Cleaning (Indoor and Outdoor)
Who we serve

We offer customized services to meet your specific needs. Call our Chesterton, Indiana office today for a free no-obligation cleaning quote. You will be glad you called Office Pride.

Our Business

Green Up 2 Clean Up is a woman and minority owned business.

Quality Products

Cleaning solutions are a derivative from a concentrate and leave no oily or hazardous residues which require little or no rinsing.

Quality Staff

Perform background checks for staff members hired from within the community.

Green Seal Certified

These efforts reduce the amounts of hazardous VOC's being introduced into the air and water and set us apart from our competitors.

Green Products and Chamber Membership