"Keeping The Earth Green By The Way We Clean"
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Green Up 2 Clean Up's cleaning solutions are a derivative from a concentrate and leave no oily or hazardous residues which require little or no rinsing. Our cleaning crews use state-of-the-art microfiber technology for sweeping, mopping, and cleaning surfaces, to eliminate the use of paper products which in turn saves our trees.

We offer a full line of services which include:

Green Up 2 Clean Up performs background checks for all staff members. We value the importance of hiring individuals within the community.
Our staff is fully trained, supervised and equipped with uniform attire and or identification badges for easy recognition.

Our Green Cleaning Programs ...

We promote health, safety and social awareness. Our planning, organizing and management strategies are customized for every customer and each facility. The cleanliness of our facility is an important aspect of the overall environment. A clean facility not only lowers the threat of spreading illness, but also demonstrates care and concern to the occupants and the people they do business with. Cleaning and maintenance of your facility is vitally important and is often under emphasized, under performed, and performed by an employee without cleaning experience. Employees and customers feel better in a facility with clean rest rooms, clean desks and surroundings. Our Green Cleaning Programs in facilities with young children are especially important because younger children face unique health hazards, such as respiratory infections, asthma, skin disease, fecal and flu outbreaks.