"Keeping The Earth Green By The Way We Clean"
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Green Up 2 Clean Up's cleaning solutions are a derivative from a concentrate and leave no oily or hazardous residues which require little or no rinsing. Our cleaning crews use state-of-the-art microfiber technology for sweeping, mopping, and cleaning surfaces, to eliminate the use of paper products which in turn saves our trees.

Green Up 2 Clean Up provides an enhancement of your organization's reputation and brand equity, because social responsibility has become such a desirable business trait.

The core principles of our Green Cleaning Program include:

  1. Use of Green Seal Certified products in 90% of our applications and a chemical management system for accurate dilution.
  2. Interior and exterior entryways.
  3. Most pollutants enter a building on people's feet where they migrate into the facility. Thorough cleaning of entrances, door handles, glass and entryway mats is a priority.

  4. Ensure proper vacuuming and extraction of carpets.
  5. Carpets are a host site for moisture, mold and bacteria. If not extracted and captured properly, they will become airborne pollutants.

  6. Focus on preventative measures and quick clean up of accidents which will result in fewer and milder chemical solution usage.
  7. Focus on "touch points" such as door handles, light switches, telephone hand sets, faucet handles, desktops, countertops, chairs backs and other direct contact areas within the facility.
  8. Ensure proper dwell times for disinfectants and cleaning solutions to maximize the performance of our products and ensures a minimal use of products.
  9. Promote safety and prevent cross contamination.
  10. Color-coded soiled microfibers are immediately stored in "soiled" bags where they will be taken off-site, cleaned and sanitized for future reuse.

  11. Supply Green Seal Certified paper products produced from recycled paper and bleached without the use of chlorine.
  12. Create a communication program through the use of check lists so that building occupants understand they are part of the process.
  13. Implement an effective recycling program based on the specific needs and uses of your facility.

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