"Keeping The Earth Green By The Way We Clean"

We want you to know that You Matter and we are very thankful to have the opportunity to serve you. As the communities we serve feel the increased impact of COVID-19, Green Up 2 Clean Up is committed to doing all we can to take great care of our customers, our Team Members, and do our part to promote public health and safety.  We are going to great lengths to make sure every environment we interact with is clean and disinfected.

The CDC provides guidelines to help you protect your home or business from COVID-19, but we know many are seeking more professional disinfecting solutions. The disinfectant being used is registered with the EPA and is on their list of products that kill Emerging Viral Pathogens and approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

ULV Spray Mist Disinfectant Treatments

Green Up 2 Clean Up can now utilize state-of-the-art spray mist equipment to apply disinfectant to any size business such as: offices, churches, restaurants, schools, locker rooms, fitness centers, retailers, clinics, and hospitals.  

Our disinfectant solution is a great option for anyone wishing to take extra precautions to ensure their environment is clean and disinfected as well as those who have health or immune system concerns that may not be sufficiently addressed by standard cleaning procedures. The disinfecting solution has been found to be an effective treatment against the spread of viral pathogens and bacterial infections.

How Our Additional Disinfecting Service Works 

  1. The service is appropriate for both residential and commercial structures. 
  2. The areas being sprayed must be unoccupied to let the product settle and properly dwell.
  3. All food, plates, and cups must be safely stored, including pet bowls and cookware.
  4. Treatment will be applied with a ULV spray misting machine and will vary based on square footage of area being treated.
  5. The recommendation for treatment is weekly or bi-weekly and will be based on the current building needs to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria. 
  6. The decontamination treatment can be applied to porous and non-porous surfaces.

While we cannot guarantee 100% protection, our disinfecting process reduces the presence of viruses and bacteria.

Thank you,

Eva M. Underwood, President

Green Up 2 Clean Up

Green Up 2 Clean Up

Green Up 2 Clean Up

"Keeping the Earth Green by the Way We Clean"

Green Up 2 Clean Up is Northwest Indiana's premier "Green Friendly" cleaning company located in Porter, Indiana servicing commercial and residential customers in Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties.



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Science of Cleaning

Green Seal Certified
Green Seal Certified products are used in 90% of our applications on a project. These efforts reduce the amounts of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC's) being introduced into the air and water and set us apart from our competitors. We feel this is a significant contribution towards helping preserve the condition of the world's declining environment.

Our Business

Green Up 2 Clean Up is a woman and minority owned business.

Quality Products

Cleaning solutions are a derivative from a concentrate and leave no oily or hazardous residues which require little or no rinsing.

Quality Staff

Perform background checks for staff members hired from within the community.

Green Seal Certified

These efforts reduce the amounts of hazardous VOC's being introduced into the air and water and set us apart from our competitors.

10-year Proud Member of
Duneland Chamber